Grant applications for the Spring 2022 grant round are available beginning Wednesday, January 12, 2022.

Spring grants are awarded with the goal of accomplishing economic, civic or community development within Clinton County.  The 2022 total allocation for the Spring Grants has been set at $575,000.   Applicants may apply for no more than $75,000 and must show a 25% match.  In determining whether an organization meets the matching funds requirement, in-kind contributions of labor or land toward the specific grant shall not qualify toward the 25%. In-kind material contributions will qualify.  In order to be considered, an organization cannot have more than 2 open CCDA grants at the time the application is due which is March 9, 2022 for the Spring 2022 grant round.

You may begin a grant application on-line, save it and return to complete it later.  All applications must be submitted on-line by the deadline of March 9, 2022 at 4:30 PM. Central Time.  The Spring grants will be awarded in June.

For help with the on-line grant process or any questions, please contact the CCDA Administrative Agent, Jennifer Gutierrez at 563-242-5702 or by e-mail at