CCDA Board

Clinton County Development Association

Board of Directors


The Clinton County Development Association is governed by an eleven member board of directors. Our board is a diverse representation of Clinton County residents. We work collectively to fairly review grant requests and equitably award grant funds throughout Clinton County.

It is an honor to have been chosen by my fellow Board Members to serve a term as President of the Clinton County Development Association. They are among the greatest group of dedicated volunteers I have ever worked with. Our board members all volunteer their time and give freely of their unique experiences to make the largest impact possible on all Clinton County residents and visitors.  

To that end, the Clinton County Development Association has awarded over $30-million in grants, scholarships, and donations to not-for-profit organizations, county and municipal governments and schools. Some of those projects are showcased throughout this web site in pictures or feedback from leaders of the various organizations. You can also find a complete listing of the organizations and the total amount of funding they have received over the years on this web site.

I am pleased to report that we have an excellent relationship with our casino operator, Wild Rose Clinton. With the recent addition of Sports Betting in Iowa, Wild Rose has positioned itself as a leader in such entertainment options in the State. A portion of the proceeds from all gaming action at Wild Rose is paid back to CCDA under the agreement to be our casino partner in the gaming license issued by the State of Iowa. Those proceeds are what our Association awards and distributes in grants.

In the coming years, as current members cycle off their terms of service, the Board will be faced with finding and selecting new persons to join our team. I encourage you to monitor our operations and decisions over the intervening months and decide for yourself if you would like to join our Board.


President, CCDA

Les Shields


Dave Sivright

Vice President

Brenda Kay


Peg Wolf


Kim Clausen


Ed Hupfer


Brigham Tubbs


Jerome Burken


Joel Dieckmann


Dawn Holesinger


Rita Hart


Jennifer Gutierrez

Administrative Agent