Improving The Quality Of Life In Our Communities

Clinton County Iowa
Clinton County Development Association


We provide financial assistance through our grant programs for local organizations and charities that work to improve the overall vitality and quality of life in our county through their educational, social, cultural, and environmental programs and initiatives.


In March of each year, area high schools are all contacted regarding the availability of CCDA Scholarships. We allocate up to $25,000 (Twenty-five thousand dollars) each year to fund scholarships for high school graduates from all Clinton County High Schools, public and private.

Helping You Achieve Success

Making an Impact Throughout Clinton County

You would have to look long and hard to find an area that the CCDA has not touched throughout our communities.

From school children, to our community’s elderly, and all those in between, the CCDA has been dedicated to providing support for projects that enhance the quality of life for all of our residents.






The numerous non-profit entities that exist within Clinton County are evidence of our strong spirit of volunteerism.

Area Youth

CCDA funds play a major role in providing enhanced and increased opportunities for our young citizens to grow, learn, and discover their potential.


Now more than ever, people are looking for ways to maximize the benefits of their free time, and the CCDA recognizes the importance of recreational options and venues in achieving this goal.

Human Services

The CCDA has been dedicated to the task of providing support for projects and initiatives that promote healthier and safer lifestyles for all residents of Clinton County.

Who Are We?
What Do We Do?

We are the nonprofit sponsor of the license for the Wild Rose Casino & Resort®, Clinton.

Our purpose is to provide financial assistance through our grant programs for local organizations and charities that work to improve the overall vitality and quality of life in our county, through their educational, social, cultural, and environmental programs and initiatives.

We thank you, the citizens of Clinton County, for your support over the years, and we look forward to continuing to serve you.

When is my Grant Application Due?

Applications are only accepted online and can be obtained from our website. Spring grants must be submitted by 4:30pm 2nd Wednesday of March. Fall grants must be submitted by 4:30pm 2nd Wednesday of August.


There is a lot of competition for grants and unfortunately, requests exceed funds available. Unless your grant was returned as unqualified, we encourage resubmission.


Grant applications are only accepted electronically through the grants link on our website.  If you need support, contact the office at 563-242-5702


All grants are reimbursement grants. Just submit copies of paid invoices with proof of payment to our office at:

PO Box 2061
Clinton, IA 52733-2061

You may also email your documentation to [email protected]

Your organization will be reimbursed at 75% of submitted invoices as the organization is responsible for 25% of the project cost.
Payments are issued once a month, after regular board meetings, the 3rd Wednesday of the month.


Any funds unspent are forfeited and returned to the pool to be awarded to other projects.


Extensions are possible however, you must submit this request 2 weeks before the board meeting to approve the extension. The board usually meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Be aware of the deadline to spend funds and the timing of your extension request.


Member of the CCDA Board of Directors serve two-year terms and are limited to a max of three consecutive terms.  When an opening occurs, the CCDA Board issues a public notice and sets a deadline for community members interested in serving to apply with a letter of interest and resume.  A Recruiting and Selection Committee will then conduct in-person interviews before making final recommendations to the entire board.

About The CCDA

Clinton County Development Association

Shortly following the passage of the State of Iowa’s gaming legislation in the late 1980s, the Clinton County Development Association (formerly the Clinton County Gaming Association, Ltd.) was formed by a dedicated group of local individuals as a nonprofit entity with the mission of helping to strengthen our communities and build a brighter future for Clinton County.

The Clinton County Development Assocition is governed by an eleven member board of directors.

NonProfit Sponsor Of

Wild Rose Casino & Resort

Clinton County Development Association is the nonprofit sponsor of the license for Wild Rose Casino & Resort®, Clinton.

Each of the 19 commercial casinos located in 15 Iowa counties is required to share its license with a Qualified Sponsoring Organization or operate as a nonprofit entity. These nonprofit license holders receive a certain portion from their respective casino’s gaming revenue and annually reinvest in numerous charitable and civic needs. 

Impacting Our Communities

As a founding board member of the Clinton County Development Association, I take great pride knowing that since 1991 we have provided over $26 million dollars in grants to  Clinton County non-profit organizations, public/private schools and local governments.   This significant investment has provided funding for many facilities and programs designed to enhance the quality of life for all residents in Clinton County.

Tom Fullerton

Founding Board Member, CCDA

“We are incredibly grateful to the CCDA for their support in the renovation and expansion of the Frances Banta Waggoner Community Library. It’s a common misconception that emerging technologies have made libraries obsolete– but in reality, libraries are evolving! With the CCDA’s investment, we will be able to provide better and updated information resources to residents living in DeWitt and surrounding communities, including more public access computers, more meeting and programming space, and introduce new technologies residents may not have regular access to at home.”

Jillian Aschliman

Director, Frances Banta Waggoner Community Library

“The Clinton County Development Association (CCDA) has been a great partner working with the Camanche School District to provide our students with top-tier equipment and facilities.  The latest example of this would be the CCDA’s support of the lighting project for the high school baseball field.  The CCDA’s generous contribution will go a long way in supporting our goal of providing our baseball players and community with a safe and modern baseball field that allows everyone to enjoy an evening of baseball at the end of a hot summer day.  Thanks again to the CCDA for supporting our schools and community.”

Tom Parker

Superintendent, Camanche School District

The CCDA’s grant was a tremendous help to us in funding the remodeling of our kitchen at The Salvation Army, providing for us an opportunity we would not have been able to afford. With the newly remodeled kitchen we can safely prepare meals for our youth programs on Wednesday nights and our Dinner Church on Sunday evenings. We are very thankful to have the support of the CCDA.

Lt. Justin Hartley

Corps Officer, The Salvation Army Clinton Citadel

“The CCDA has helped The Sawmill Museum evolve from a Kiwanis Club project into a 20,000 square foot memorial to Clinton’s lumber legacy. As a leader of the organization, having CCDA available twice a year for projects has helped the museum keep our strategic trajectory for growth. The biggest impact from CCDA has been their support of new project ideas. This initial support allowed the museum to develop the project in order to gain additional supporters.  Meaning The Sawmill has been able to install exhibits and put on festivals nearly every year without touching its endowment.”

Matt Parbs

Director, Sawmill Museum

“I have greatly appreciated the Clinton County Development Association (CCDA) and the willingness of the board members to truly hear and understand the needs in our community. Over the years, the grants that we’ve received from the CCDA have allowed us to improve and enhance the quality of health care that we provide to those we serve. Maintaining the highest quality of care is essential for all of us in the Clinton area and we are grateful for the CCDA for their help and assistance in our programs and initiatives.”

Julie Dunn

Executive Director, Foundation and Marketing, MercyOne Clinton

Project Funding

Millions of Dollars Distributed

Organizations receiving funding

Interactive Icons View Project Funding Information

Find Out How You Might Benefit From a CCDA Grant

The CCDA has issued Grants to many groups throughout Clinton County.

If you think you might benefit from one of our Grants, we encourage you to learn more about the process.

Contact Us To Find out how the CCDA can help you!


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