CCDA Scholarship Information

Scholarship Guidelines

The Clinton County Development Association allocates up to $25,000 (Twenty-five thousand dollars) each year to fund scholarships for high school graduates from all Clinton County High Schools, public and private. The amount of each scholarship is $1,000 (One thousand dollars). The total fund amount includes $2,000 to the Eastern Iowa Community College – Clinton campus to fund two scholarships for Clinton County resident students. Every high school in Clinton County shall receive a minimum of one scholarship. The scholarships are awarded in May of each year as part of graduation activities and celebrations. From the balance remaining, the Board determines the number of graduating seniors from each school in Clinton County, and determines a proportionate amount of scholarships on a per student basis to be distributed among the high schools.


Procedure for awarding scholarships

The scholarships are intended to be awarded on the basis of need. Any other consideration is at the discretion of the Principal or the school committee. The selection of scholarship recipients is the responsibility of the Principal at each high school. He or she may seek the assistance of professional staff, guidance counselors, or others from the school community to determine the scholarship recipients for their school. Each high school shall report the name(s) of the scholarship recipient(s) to the CCDA prior to the date of the school’s senior awards ceremonies, which are held prior to graduation. The CCDA will make every effort to send a representative to the awards ceremony to present the scholarship, but if not able to schedule such presence will arrange the delivery of a scholarship packet and certificate for a person of the schools choice to announce and present the scholarship on behalf of CCDA.

Guidelines for scholarship reimbursement

Scholarships are paid based on the following:

  1. All scholarships awarded in the May graduation cycle are for the following academic year only
  2. The scholarships are valid for full time students ONLY, at a post-secondary educational program, including trade schools, 2 year or 4 year colleges, or universities
  3. Each scholarship is in the amount of $1,000 (One thousand dollars). The scholarship is payable in two equal installments, half for the Fall and Spring semesters. Requests for the Fall payment MUST be filed on or before October 15th. Request for the Spring payment MUST be filed on or before March 15th. If documentation of incurred expenses is not received in the CCDA office by those dates, the scholarship for that semester will be considered forfeited
  4. The scholarship recipient is responsible for providing his or her educational institution with the information for scholarship payment. The trade school, college, or university should submit:
    • the full name and a unique student identification number of the scholarship recipient
    • a statement or proof of enrollment as a full time student
    • an itemization of eligible expenses incurred in the request for payment
  5. In all applications for scholarship payment, the scholarship payment will be made by check in the name of the educational institution, with notation in the memo line to show the student name and unique student ID number for proper credit. CCDA MUST have the name and mailing address for the school, and the student name and unique student ID that is to receive the payment. For your proof, send the necessary documentation by certified mail, return receipt to:
    Clinton County Development Association
    P.O. Box 2061
    Clinton, IA 52733-2061
    or by email to [email protected] If submitted by email, request a reply that the message was received, and retain that reply until payment is received
  6. The CCDA Board typically meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month to approve bills and authorize the release of checks. Payments will be mailed after the Board meeting
  7. The scholarship funds can be applied to tuition, text books, and fees only
  8. Payment of scholarship funds by CCDA will only be made in an amount that equals the total of the submitted documentation, up to the maximum of $500 (Five hundred dollars) for that semester’s disbursement. Unused scholarship funds from the Fall semester cannot be carried over to the Spring semester.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is my Grant Application Due?

Applications are only accepted online and can be obtained from our website. Spring grants must be submitted by 4:30pm 2nd Wednesday of March. Fall grants must be submitted by 4:30pm 2nd Wednesday of August.


There is a lot of competition for grants and unfortunately, requests exceed funds available. Unless your grant was returned as unqualified, we encourage resubmission.


Grant applications are only accepted electronically through the grants link on our website.  If you need support, contact the office at 563-242-5702


All grants are reimbursement grants. Just submit copies of paid invoices with proof of payment to our office at:

PO Box 2061
Clinton, IA 52733-2061

You may also email your documentation to [email protected]

Your organization will be reimbursed at 75% of submitted invoices as the organization is responsible for 25% of the project cost.
Payments are issued once a month, after regular board meetings, the 3rd Wednesday of the month.


Any funds unspent are forfeited and returned to the pool to be awarded to other projects.


Extensions are possible however, you must submit this request 2 weeks before the board meeting to approve the extension. The board usually meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Be aware of the deadline to spend funds and the timing of your extension request.


Member of the CCDA Board of Directors serve two-year terms and are limited to a max of three consecutive terms.  When an opening occurs, the CCDA Board issues a public notice and sets a deadline for community members interested in serving to apply with a letter of interest and resume.  A Recruiting and Selection Committee will then conduct in-person interviews before making final recommendations to the entire board.

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