The Clinton County Development Association allocates up to $25,000 (Twenty-five thousand dollars) each year to fund scholarships for high school graduates from all Clinton County High Schools, public and private. The amount of each scholarship can vary at the schools discretion. The total fund amount includes $2,000 to the Eastern Iowa Community College – Clinton campus to fund two scholarships for Clinton County resident students. Every high school in Clinton County shall receive a minimum of one scholarship. The scholarships are awarded in May of each year as part of graduation activities and celebrations. From the balance remaining, the Board determines the number of graduating seniors from each school in Clinton County, and determines a proportionate amount of scholarships on a per student basis to be distributed among the high schools.

This year, Calamus-Wheatland issued one scholarship, Camanche and Clinton issued three scholarships, Dewitt and Northeast issued six scholarships, and Prince of Peace issued one scholarship.

Pictured is CCDA board treasurer Dawn Holesinger with Prince of Peace graduate and recipient Jhikeith McGraw.

More information on CCDA scholarships can be found here: