The CCDA will offer 2 separate grant cycles designated as the Spring Grants and the Fall Grants. The two grant periods will be exactly the same and will most resemble the current Fund B Grant Round, with the maximum amount to be funded set at $100,000 and a matching fund requirement of 25%. Organizations will be able to submit 2 applications per cycle and can only have 2 open grants as of application deadline (any open grants from previous Fund A and Fund B will be included in the count). The deadlines for application submission will be: Spring Grants – 2nd Wednesday in March at 4:30 PM and Fall Grants – 2nd Wednesday in August at 4:30 PM.
New grant application and checklist can be found on the CCDA website at Also, please note that 12 copies of the applications must now be submitted.

Please contact CCDA Administrative Agent, Jennifer Gutierrez at 563-242-5702 or e-mail with any questions.