Where The Money Goes

List Of Our Grant Recipients

CCDA Grant Recipients



Alverno Health Care Facility 85,500.00
American Legion (Eugene McManus) Post #238 9,777.00
American Legion Post #381 3,888.00
American Legion Post #381/Lost Nation Fire Co. 24,460.00
American Red Cross, Clinton County Chapter 29,022.00
Andover Fire Dept. 67,800.00
Andover Kinderfest Committee 5,000.00
Art in the Park 48,079.00
Arts Alive 6,000.00
Associate Benevolent Society 33,500.00
Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church 18,727.08
Big Brothers & Big Sisters 27,335.00
Boy Scout Troop 92 5,500.00
Boy Scouts Troop 37 4,772.00
Bridgeview Community Mental Health Center 13,071.72
B-rrry Scurry 4,000.00
Calamus Little League 40,575.00
Calamus Volunteer Fire Company 56,139.00
Calamus Wheatland School Music Boosters 5,000.00
Calamus Wheatland Youth Ball 10,830.00
Calamus/Wheatland School District 260,514.50
Calamus/Wheatland Schools Ed. Found. 20,000.00
Calamus-Wheatland Athletic Boosters 8,056.25
Calamus-Wheatland Elementary School 21,000.00
Calamus-Wheatland Jr/Sr High School 3,598.00
Camanche Athletic Booster Club 175,775.00
Camanche Boy Scouts 1,100.00
Camanche Childhood Development Board/Kid’s First 56,951.23
Camanche Community Council 15,400.00
Camanche Community School 300,744.00
Camanche High School Band Dept. 25,000.00
Camanche Historical Society 60,213.00
Camanche Middle School 13,500.00
Camanche Police Dept. 3,000.00
Camanche VFW Post 9664 500.00
Camanche Youth & Community Center 59,500.00
Camanche, City of/Camanche Public Library 42,000.00
Camanche, City of/Camanche Volunteer Fire Department 635,586.20
Camanche, City of/Park & Recreation Board 80,000.00
Catholic Historical Center at St Boniface 12,420.00
Central Community Historical Society 10,500.00
Central Community School District 993,090.60
Chamber Retail & Commercial Services 10,000.00
Charlotte Area Activity Center 23,414.00
Charlotte Area Planning Group 18,500.00
Charlotte Community Betterment 1,500.00
Charlotte Fire Department 33,455.00
Charlotte Fire Fighters Association 115,908.50
Charlotte First Responders 17,800.00
Church of the Visitation of Camanche 50,000.00
Citizen Police Academy Alumni 5,975.00
Clinton Reenactment Inc. 3,000.00
Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce 15,000.00
Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce/Convention & Visitors Bureau 73,584.00
Clinton Area Showboat Theatre 258,708.41
Clinton Art Association 160,625.00
Clinton Baseball Club 22,500.00
Clinton, City of 423,550.50
Clinton, City of/Clinton Parks & Rec. 717,750.00
Clinton, City of/MTA 3,023.00
Clinton, City of/Clinton Fire Department 710,497.44
Clinton, City of/Clinton Marina 21,090.00
Clinton, City of/Clinton Municipal Airport 128,250.00
Clinton, City of/Grounds & Facilities Dept 15,000.00
Clinton, City of/Lincolnway Railport 2,000,000.00
Clinton , City of Police Dept 11,752.00
Clinton Citywide PTA 25,000.00
Clinton, City of/Vision Iowa 2,000,000.00
Clinton Community College/Drama Dept 13,090.00
Clinton Community School District 573,125.00
Clinton Community School District Education Found. 183,933.50
Clinton Community School District/River King & Queen Athletic Booster Club 200,000.00
Clinton Community School District/Clinton High School 75,000.00
Clinton Community School District/Clinton High School Activities Dept 20,000.00
Clinton Communtiy School District/Clinton High School Band Boosters 93,615.00
Clinton Community School District/CHS Drama Department 5,000.00
Clinton Community Theater 2,500.00
Clinton County Ag. Ext. District 22,500.00
Clinton County Ag. Society 428,510.00
Clinton County Board of Supervisors 75,625.00
Clinton County Childhood Lead Prevention Program 2,000.00
Clinton County Conservation Board 182,092.50
Clinton County Conservation Foundation 657,806.50
Clinton County Courthouse Historical Foundation 2,000.00
Clinton County Crime Stoppers 4,342.00
Clinton County Fire Assoc. 4,000.00
Clinton County Genealogical Society 1,250.00
Clinton County Historical Society 120,569.00
Clinton County Hunter Education Group 1,200.00
Clinton County Pheasants Forever 65,500.00
Clinton County Senior Citizens 7,200.00
Clinton County Sesq. Comm 2,975.00
Clinton County Sheriff’s Office 172,299.00
Clinton County Sheriff’s Reserve 16,390.00
Clinton County Sheriff’s Reserve/Wheatland EMS 25,000.00
Clinton County Special Olympics 3,484.00
Clinton Family YMCA 122,025.00
Clinton Family YMCA/Kings & Queens Aquatic 12,000.00
Clinton Fine Arts Association 137,944.75
Clinton Humane Society 6,800.00
Clinton Jaycees Foundation 113,127.50
Clinton Jaycees Foundation/Cl. Symphony 83,987.00
Clinton Junior Baseball 50,327.00
Clinton Kiwanis Club Foundation 491,431.90
Clinton Kiwanis Club Foundation/Sawmill Heritage Experience 25,000.00
Clinton Pony League 16,000.00
Clinton Reenactment Inc. 11,000.00
Clinton Regional Development Corp./Foundation 220,239.00
Clinton Riverboat Days Foundation 422,190.00
Clinton Rotary Club Foundation 106,000.00
Clinton Safety Town 10,000.00
Clinton Substance Abuse Council 163,583.58
Clinton Symphony Orchestra 116,863.80
Clinton Trees Forever 173,874.90
Clinton Women’s Club 125,914.00
Community Adult Day Care 2,000.00
Community Care Inc 101,700.00
Concerned DeWitt Citizens Referral Center 6,700.00
Creeps for Charity 3,500.00
Curtis Mansion Historical Foundation 152,654.75
Curtis Memorial Library 40,000.00
DACF/Calamus City Park Board 16,000.00
DACF/Central Community Educational Foundation 7,500.00
DACF/Central Community Music Booster Sponsorship 6,000.00
DACF/DeWitt Chamber of Commerce 4,528.00
DACF/Saber Team for Art & Recreation 10,000.00
DAF/Calamus Betterment Committee 6,000.00
DAF/Calamus Fire Dept 10,180.00
DAF/Calamus Lyons Club 5,000.00
DAF/Calamus Public Library 900.00
DAF/Calamus Volunteer Fire Dept 29,600.00
DAF/Calamus Wheatland Athletic Boosters 4,300.00
DAF/Calamus Wheatland Music Boosters 17,500.00
DAF/CALCO 3,500.00
DAF/Cl. Cnty Comm of Veteran Affairs 1,650.00
DAF/Clinton County Firemen’s Assoc 3,800.00
DAF/Clinton County Fireworks Assoc. 10,000.00
DAF/DeWitt Education Foundation 1,200.00
DAF/DeWitt Historical Society 2,098.27
DAF/DeWitt Junior Women 30,000.00
DAF/DeWitt Nite Lions 4,000.00
DAF/Frances Banta Waggoner Comm. Library 2,000.00
DAF/Grand Mound Ball Club 12,000.00
DAF/Grand Mound EMS 6,000.00
DAF/Grand Mound Fire Dept. 8,350.00
DAF/Lost Nation Emerg. Med. Serv. 4,800.00
DAF/Lost Nation Fire Co 2,000.00
DAF/Lost Nation Lions Club 8,000.00
DAF/Lost Nation Public Library 3,240.00
DAF/Natural Heritage Foundation 5,000.00
DAF/Paul Skeffington Memorial Race Committee 17,400.00
DAF/Vet Affairs Trans Network 3,000.00
DAF/Veterans Affairs 2,340.00
DAF/Wapsi Environ.Education Center 12,500.00
DAF/Welton Fire Dept 42,000.00
DAF/Wheatland Betterment 2,200.00
DAF/Wheatland Fire Dept 2,500.00
Delmar Development Commission 90,500.00
Delmar Development Corp/Delmar Lions 2,550.00
Delmar Hotshots 4-H Club 5,000.00
Delmar Lions Club 7,000.00
Delmar Volunteer Fire Department 137,385.00
Delmar Volunteer Fire/EMS Department 28,275.00
Delwood Community School Districe 6,000.00
DeWitt Area Foundation 165,500.00
DeWitt Area Veteran Memorial, Inc 49,192.00
DeWitt Chamber & Development Company (DCDC) 57,423.20
DeWitt,City of 450,732.00
DeWitt Community Hospital 110,500.00
DeWitt Development Co. 182,814.00
DeWitt, City of/Parks & Rec. Dept 128,000.00
DeWitt Police Reserves 3,700.00
DeWitt Theater Company 237,843.00
DeWitt, City of/Fire Dept 279,879.00
Downtown Business & Professional Association 13,600.00
Downtown Clinton Alliance 118,500.00
Downtown Partnership 110,000.00
Dream Comes True 2,800.00
Eastern Iowa Soccer Association (EISA) 6,719.00
Elijah Buell PTA 6,200.00
Emergency K-9 Operations 1,200.00
Exodus II 2,645.00
Felix Adler Days Memorial Committee 285,567.72
First United Methodist Church 3,850.00
First United Methodist Church/Boy Scout Troop 22 2,000.00
Fishing Has No Boundaries, Eastern Iowa Chapter 3,000.00
Franciscan University 16,250.00
Friends of Camanche Public Library 3,250.00
Friends of Clinton Public Library 99,613.00
Friends of Riverview Stadium 572,768.90
Gannon Center for Community Mental Health 37,272.00
Gateway Area Collison Avoidance Training Inc 2,500.00
Gateway Area Foundation 542,256.00
Gateway Area Foundation/Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce 4,323.00
Gateway Area Foundation/Clinton Convention & Visitors Bureau 53,735.00
Gateway Area Foundation/Downtown Partnership 30,000.00
Gateway Area Foundation/Leadership Institute 52,511.00
Gateway Area Foundation/Rotary Club of Clinton 200,000.00
Gateway Contemporary Ballet 13,200.00
Gateway United Way 16,075.00
Generations Area Agency on Aging 3,750.00
Genesis Medical Center-DeWitt 20,000.00
Goose Lake, City of 42,758.20
City of Goose Lake/Goose Lake Fire Department 118,424.86
Goose Lake Lions Club 7,000.00
Goose Lake Park Board 8,000.00
Gound Mound Volunteer Fire Co/Clinton County Fireworks Ass’n 55,611.60
Grand Mound Ball Club 6,650.00
Grand Mound, City of 23,000.00
Grand Mound Community Bingo Assoc. 8,000.00
Grand Mound Vol. Fire Dept/Grand Mound Rescue 49,900.00
Grand Mound Volunteer Fire Co 109,381.00
Grand Mound, City of/Grand Mound Ball Park 4,500.00
Grand Mound, City of/Grand Mound Community Center 6,000.00
Great River Bend Area for the Elderly 4,000.00
Greater Clinton County Futures Foundation 1,148,163.00
Heartland Center 3,000.00
Information Referral & Assistance 14,280.00
Iowa East Central T.R.A.I.N. 10,000.00
Iowa PTA/Whittier PTA 15,815.00
Izaak Walton League 22,500.00
Jefferson Elementary PTA 19,672.00
Junior Achievement of Clinton & DeWitt 2,165.00
Kid’s Business of DeWitt 37,500.00
Kings & Queens Aquatic Assoc 8,650.00
Knights of Columbus/Music Boosters Sponsorship 10,000.00
L’Arche Clinton 27,164.37
Lincolnway Community Foundation/Central Music Boosters


Lions Club of Delmar 1,400.00
Lions club of DeWitt/Boy Scout troop 29 3,000.00
Lost Nation Booster Club 9,940.00
Lost Nation Booster Club/Fire Dept. 29,712.51
Lost Nation Booster Club/Hometown Pride Committee 24,001.13
Lost Nation Visions Ltd. 53,858.00
Lost Nation, City of/Lost Nation Garden Club 21,741.00
Love Your Spirit Inc 1,500.00
Low Moor Lions Club 22,000.00
Low Moor Volunteer Fire Dept., Inc. 99,473.60
Lutheran Services in Iowa 2,120.00
Lyons Business & Professional Association 11,000.00
Lyons District Foundation 14,684.69
Lyons Middle School PTA 2,757.00
Make-A-Wish Foundation 4,500.00
Marie Ketelsen Learning Center 11,950.00
Mater Dei High School 32,000.00
Mental Health Center 8,577.00
Mercy Auxiliary – Clinton 86,200.00
Mercy Healthcare Foundation-Clinton 527,488.25
Mercy Medical Center 127,000.00
Midwest Lumber Museum dba The Sawmill Museum 369,783.30
Midwest Pets For Life 26,794.80
Mississippi Bend AEA Clinton 14,584.00
Mississippi Valley Girl Scouts 1,238.00
Mobile Meals United, Inc 5,517.00
Mt. St. Clare College 585,189.00
Mt. St. Clare Speech & Hearing Center 3,965.00
New Directions 13,705.00
New Horizons of Faith 22,500.00
Northeast Athletic Boosters 120,714.06
Northeast Community School District 392,185.00
Northeast Community School District Education Found. 24,636.00
Northeast Community School District/Elementary School/Preschool 57,000.00
Northeast Community School District/Northeast FFA 37,500.00
Northeast Elementary School 5,000.00
Northeast Fine Arts Boosters 3,550.00
Operation Pride 166,200.00
Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat/New Horizons of Faith 11,000.00
Parish of Sts Mary & Joseph 16,777.47
Pathway Living Center 22,800.00
Paul B Sharar Foundation


Prince of Peace Academy & College Preparatory 40,000.00
Prince of Peace Parish 82,000.00
Prince of Peace School Foundation 29,838.90
Retired Senior Volunteer Program 2,500.00
River Cities America Arts Council 167,261.00
River City Municipal Band 14,046.23
River King & Queen Athletic Booster Club 586,624.18
Salvation Army 48,000.00
Samaritan Auxiliary’s Fantasy of Lights 2,500.00
Sarah Harding Home 22,600.00
Skyline Center 108,515.25
Soaring Eagle Nature Center 142,913.00
St Joseph Church/School 78,805.00
Symphony of Lights 185,000.00
Third Coast Art Center 7,200.00
Toronto, City of 7,468.49
Trinity Elementary 4,500.00
United Church of Christ 12,750.00
Unity Christian School 100,000.00
US Bowling Congress/Clinton & Camanche Women’s Bowling Assn. 5,000.00
Van Allen Foundation 38,427.00
Variety-the Childrend’s Charity 12,500.00
Visiting Nursing Assoc – Cl County 30,000.00
Welton Fire Dept 183,497.00
Welton, City of 27,500.00
Welton, City of/Women of Welton 7,851.00
Wheatland American Legion Post 447 5,000.00
Wheatland, City of 80,192.39
Wheatland City Park Board 14,306.00
Wheatland Community Hall Corp. 6,000.00
Wheatland EMS 4,000.00
Whittier PTA 7,000.00
Women’s Health Services 22,000.00
YWCA Clinton 495,138.00
Zion Child Care Preschool




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