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List Of Our Grant Recipients

CCDA Grant Recipients



Alverno Health Care Facility85,500.00
American Legion (Eugene McManus) Post #2389,777.00
American Legion Post #3813,888.00
American Legion Post #381/Lost Nation Fire Co.24,460.00
American Red Cross, Clinton County Chapter29,022.00
Andover Fire Dept.67,800.00
Andover Kinderfest Committee5,000.00
Art in the Park48,079.00
Arts Alive6,000.00
Associate Benevolent Society33,500.00
Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church18,727.08
Big Brothers & Big Sisters27,335.00
Boy Scout Troop 925,500.00
Boy Scouts Troop 374,772.00
Bridgeview Community Mental Health Center13,071.72
B-rrry Scurry4,000.00
Calamus Little League40,575.00
Calamus Volunteer Fire Company56,139.00
Calamus Wheatland School Music Boosters5,000.00
Calamus Wheatland Youth Ball10,830.00
Calamus/Wheatland School District260,514.50
Calamus/Wheatland Schools Ed. Found.20,000.00
Calamus-Wheatland Athletic Boosters8,056.25
Calamus-Wheatland Elementary School21,000.00
Calamus-Wheatland Jr/Sr High School3,598.00
Camanche Athletic Booster Club175,775.00
Camanche Boy Scouts1,100.00
Camanche Childhood Development Board/Kid’s First56,951.23
Camanche Community Council15,400.00
Camanche Community School300,744.00
Camanche High School Band Dept.25,000.00
Camanche Historical Society60,213.00
Camanche Middle School13,500.00
Camanche Police Dept.3,000.00
Camanche VFW Post 9664500.00
Camanche Youth & Community Center59,500.00
Camanche, City of/Camanche Public Library42,000.00
Camanche, City of/Camanche Volunteer Fire Department635,586.20
Camanche, City of/Park & Recreation Board80,000.00
Catholic Historical Center at St Boniface12,420.00
Central Community Historical Society10,500.00
Central Community School District993,090.60
Chamber Retail & Commercial Services10,000.00
Charlotte Area Activity Center23,414.00
Charlotte Area Planning Group18,500.00
Charlotte Community Betterment1,500.00
Charlotte Fire Department33,455.00
Charlotte Fire Fighters Association115,908.50
Charlotte First Responders17,800.00
Church of the Visitation of Camanche50,000.00
Citizen Police Academy Alumni5,975.00
Clinton Reenactment Inc.3,000.00
Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce15,000.00
Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce/Convention & Visitors Bureau73,584.00
Clinton Area Showboat Theatre258,708.41
Clinton Art Association160,625.00
Clinton Baseball Club22,500.00
Clinton, City of423,550.50
Clinton, City of/Clinton Parks & Rec.717,750.00
Clinton, City of/MTA3,023.00
Clinton, City of/Clinton Fire Department710,497.44
Clinton, City of/Clinton Marina21,090.00
Clinton, City of/Clinton Municipal Airport128,250.00
Clinton, City of/Grounds & Facilities Dept15,000.00
Clinton, City of/Lincolnway Railport2,000,000.00
Clinton , City of Police Dept11,752.00
Clinton Citywide PTA25,000.00
Clinton, City of/Vision Iowa2,000,000.00
Clinton Community College/Drama Dept13,090.00
Clinton Community School District573,125.00
Clinton Community School District Education Found.183,933.50
Clinton Community School District/River King & Queen Athletic Booster Club200,000.00
Clinton Community School District/Clinton High School75,000.00
Clinton Community School District/Clinton High School Activities Dept20,000.00
Clinton Communtiy School District/Clinton High School Band Boosters93,615.00
Clinton Community School District/CHS Drama Department5,000.00
Clinton Community Theater2,500.00
Clinton County Ag. Ext. District22,500.00
Clinton County Ag. Society428,510.00
Clinton County Board of Supervisors75,625.00
Clinton County Childhood Lead Prevention Program2,000.00
Clinton County Conservation Board182,092.50
Clinton County Conservation Foundation657,806.50
Clinton County Courthouse Historical Foundation2,000.00
Clinton County Crime Stoppers4,342.00
Clinton County Fire Assoc.4,000.00
Clinton County Genealogical Society1,250.00
Clinton County Historical Society120,569.00
Clinton County Hunter Education Group1,200.00
Clinton County Pheasants Forever65,500.00
Clinton County Senior Citizens7,200.00
Clinton County Sesq. Comm2,975.00
Clinton County Sheriff’s Office172,299.00
Clinton County Sheriff’s Reserve16,390.00
Clinton County Sheriff’s Reserve/Wheatland EMS25,000.00
Clinton County Special Olympics3,484.00
Clinton Family YMCA122,025.00
Clinton Family YMCA/Kings & Queens Aquatic12,000.00
Clinton Fine Arts Association137,944.75
Clinton Humane Society6,800.00
Clinton Jaycees Foundation113,127.50
Clinton Jaycees Foundation/Cl. Symphony83,987.00
Clinton Junior Baseball50,327.00
Clinton Kiwanis Club Foundation491,431.90
Clinton Kiwanis Club Foundation/Sawmill Heritage Experience25,000.00
Clinton Pony League16,000.00
Clinton Reenactment Inc.11,000.00
Clinton Regional Development Corp./Foundation220,239.00
Clinton Riverboat Days Foundation422,190.00
Clinton Rotary Club Foundation106,000.00
Clinton Safety Town10,000.00
Clinton Substance Abuse Council163,583.58
Clinton Symphony Orchestra116,863.80
Clinton Trees Forever173,874.90
Clinton Women’s Club125,914.00
Community Adult Day Care2,000.00
Community Care Inc101,700.00
Concerned DeWitt Citizens Referral Center6,700.00
Creeps for Charity3,500.00
Curtis Mansion Historical Foundation152,654.75
Curtis Memorial Library40,000.00
DACF/Calamus City Park Board16,000.00
DACF/Central Community Educational Foundation7,500.00
DACF/Central Community Music Booster Sponsorship6,000.00
DACF/DeWitt Chamber of Commerce4,528.00
DACF/Saber Team for Art & Recreation10,000.00
DAF/Calamus Betterment Committee6,000.00
DAF/Calamus Fire Dept10,180.00
DAF/Calamus Lyons Club5,000.00
DAF/Calamus Public Library900.00
DAF/Calamus Volunteer Fire Dept29,600.00
DAF/Calamus Wheatland Athletic Boosters4,300.00
DAF/Calamus Wheatland Music Boosters17,500.00
DAF/Cl. Cnty Comm of Veteran Affairs1,650.00
DAF/Clinton County Firemen’s Assoc3,800.00
DAF/Clinton County Fireworks Assoc.10,000.00
DAF/DeWitt Education Foundation1,200.00
DAF/DeWitt Historical Society2,098.27
DAF/DeWitt Junior Women30,000.00
DAF/DeWitt Nite Lions4,000.00
DAF/Frances Banta Waggoner Comm. Library2,000.00
DAF/Grand Mound Ball Club12,000.00
DAF/Grand Mound EMS6,000.00
DAF/Grand Mound Fire Dept.8,350.00
DAF/Lost Nation Emerg. Med. Serv.4,800.00
DAF/Lost Nation Fire Co2,000.00
DAF/Lost Nation Lions Club8,000.00
DAF/Lost Nation Public Library3,240.00
DAF/Natural Heritage Foundation5,000.00
DAF/Paul Skeffington Memorial Race Committee17,400.00
DAF/Vet Affairs Trans Network3,000.00
DAF/Veterans Affairs2,340.00
DAF/Wapsi Environ.Education Center12,500.00
DAF/Welton Fire Dept42,000.00
DAF/Wheatland Betterment2,200.00
DAF/Wheatland Fire Dept2,500.00
Delmar Development Commission90,500.00
Delmar Development Corp/Delmar Lions2,550.00
Delmar Hotshots 4-H Club5,000.00
Delmar Lions Club7,000.00
Delmar Volunteer Fire Department137,385.00
Delmar Volunteer Fire/EMS Department28,275.00
Delwood Community School Districe6,000.00
DeWitt Area Foundation165,500.00
DeWitt Area Veteran Memorial, Inc49,192.00
DeWitt Chamber & Development Company (DCDC)57,423.20
DeWitt,City of450,732.00
DeWitt Community Hospital110,500.00
DeWitt Development Co.182,814.00
DeWitt, City of/Parks & Rec. Dept128,000.00
DeWitt Police Reserves3,700.00
DeWitt Theater Company237,843.00
DeWitt, City of/Fire Dept279,879.00
Downtown Business & Professional Association13,600.00
Downtown Clinton Alliance118,500.00
Downtown Partnership110,000.00
Dream Comes True2,800.00
Eastern Iowa Soccer Association (EISA)6,719.00
Elijah Buell PTA6,200.00
Emergency K-9 Operations1,200.00
Exodus II2,645.00
Felix Adler Days Memorial Committee285,567.72
First United Methodist Church3,850.00
First United Methodist Church/Boy Scout Troop 222,000.00
Fishing Has No Boundaries, Eastern Iowa Chapter3,000.00
Franciscan University16,250.00
Friends of Camanche Public Library3,250.00
Friends of Clinton Public Library99,613.00
Friends of Riverview Stadium572,768.90
Gannon Center for Community Mental Health37,272.00
Gateway Area Collison Avoidance Training Inc2,500.00
Gateway Area Foundation542,256.00
Gateway Area Foundation/Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce4,323.00
Gateway Area Foundation/Clinton Convention & Visitors Bureau53,735.00
Gateway Area Foundation/Downtown Partnership30,000.00
Gateway Area Foundation/Leadership Institute52,511.00
Gateway Area Foundation/Rotary Club of Clinton200,000.00
Gateway Contemporary Ballet13,200.00
Gateway United Way16,075.00
Generations Area Agency on Aging3,750.00
Genesis Medical Center-DeWitt20,000.00
Goose Lake, City of42,758.20
City of Goose Lake/Goose Lake Fire Department118,424.86
Goose Lake Lions Club7,000.00
Goose Lake Park Board8,000.00
Gound Mound Volunteer Fire Co/Clinton County Fireworks Ass’n55,611.60
Grand Mound Ball Club6,650.00
Grand Mound, City of23,000.00
Grand Mound Community Bingo Assoc.8,000.00
Grand Mound Vol. Fire Dept/Grand Mound Rescue49,900.00
Grand Mound Volunteer Fire Co109,381.00
Grand Mound, City of/Grand Mound Ball Park4,500.00
Grand Mound, City of/Grand Mound Community Center6,000.00
Great River Bend Area for the Elderly4,000.00
Greater Clinton County Futures Foundation1,148,163.00
Heartland Center3,000.00
Information Referral & Assistance14,280.00
Iowa East Central T.R.A.I.N.10,000.00
Iowa PTA/Whittier PTA15,815.00
Izaak Walton League22,500.00
Jefferson Elementary PTA19,672.00
Junior Achievement of Clinton & DeWitt2,165.00
Kid’s Business of DeWitt37,500.00
Kings & Queens Aquatic Assoc8,650.00
Knights of Columbus/Music Boosters Sponsorship10,000.00
L’Arche Clinton27,164.37
Lincolnway Community Foundation/Central Music Boosters


Lions Club of Delmar1,400.00
Lions club of DeWitt/Boy Scout troop 293,000.00
Lost Nation Booster Club9,940.00
Lost Nation Booster Club/Fire Dept.29,712.51
Lost Nation Booster Club/Hometown Pride Committee24,001.13
Lost Nation Visions Ltd.53,858.00
Lost Nation, City of/Lost Nation Garden Club21,741.00
Love Your Spirit Inc1,500.00
Low Moor Lions Club22,000.00
Low Moor Volunteer Fire Dept., Inc.99,473.60
Lutheran Services in Iowa2,120.00
Lyons Business & Professional Association11,000.00
Lyons District Foundation14,684.69
Lyons Middle School PTA2,757.00
Make-A-Wish Foundation4,500.00
Marie Ketelsen Learning Center11,950.00
Mater Dei High School32,000.00
Mental Health Center8,577.00
Mercy Auxiliary – Clinton86,200.00
Mercy Healthcare Foundation-Clinton527,488.25
Mercy Medical Center127,000.00
Midwest Lumber Museum dba The Sawmill Museum369,783.30
Midwest Pets For Life26,794.80
Mississippi Bend AEA Clinton14,584.00
Mississippi Valley Girl Scouts1,238.00
Mobile Meals United, Inc5,517.00
Mt. St. Clare College585,189.00
Mt. St. Clare Speech & Hearing Center3,965.00
New Directions13,705.00
New Horizons of Faith22,500.00
Northeast Athletic Boosters120,714.06
Northeast Community School District392,185.00
Northeast Community School District Education Found.24,636.00
Northeast Community School District/Elementary School/Preschool57,000.00
Northeast Community School District/Northeast FFA37,500.00
Northeast Elementary School5,000.00
Northeast Fine Arts Boosters3,550.00
Operation Pride166,200.00
Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat/New Horizons of Faith11,000.00
Parish of Sts Mary & Joseph16,777.47
Pathway Living Center22,800.00
Paul B Sharar Foundation


Prince of Peace Academy & College Preparatory40,000.00
Prince of Peace Parish82,000.00
Prince of Peace School Foundation29,838.90
Retired Senior Volunteer Program2,500.00
River Cities America Arts Council167,261.00
River City Municipal Band14,046.23
River King & Queen Athletic Booster Club586,624.18
Salvation Army48,000.00
Samaritan Auxiliary’s Fantasy of Lights2,500.00
Sarah Harding Home22,600.00
Skyline Center108,515.25
Soaring Eagle Nature Center142,913.00
St Joseph Church/School78,805.00
Symphony of Lights185,000.00
Third Coast Art Center7,200.00
Toronto, City of7,468.49
Trinity Elementary4,500.00
United Church of Christ12,750.00
Unity Christian School100,000.00
US Bowling Congress/Clinton & Camanche Women’s Bowling Assn.5,000.00
Van Allen Foundation38,427.00
Variety-the Childrend’s Charity12,500.00
Visiting Nursing Assoc – Cl County30,000.00
Welton Fire Dept183,497.00
Welton, City of27,500.00
Welton, City of/Women of Welton7,851.00
Wheatland American Legion Post 4475,000.00
Wheatland, City of80,192.39
Wheatland City Park Board14,306.00
Wheatland Community Hall Corp.6,000.00
Wheatland EMS4,000.00
Whittier PTA7,000.00
Women’s Health Services22,000.00
YWCA Clinton495,138.00
Zion Child Care Preschool




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