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Funding Allocation Policy

Revised December 2017

Purpose.   The purpose of this policy is to provide the Board of Directors of Clinton County Development Association ("CCDA") an objective and consistent framework within which to award grants to deserving qualified organizations in such a manner as to optimize the present and future benefits of such grants to the citizens of Clinton County. (See also Policy #621 – Eligible Organizations and Ineligible Applications).

A. Allocation Formula   ​The allocation formula described herein shall be applied to the total amount available for distribution as of the determination date. The “total amount available for distribution” shall be determined annually by the CCDA Board of Directors.

B. Application Deadlines   There are two Semi-Annual Grant Pools (Spring & Fall) during each calendar year with identical rules. Grant applications from eligible organizations for the Spring Grants shall be due in the CCDA office by 4:30 P.M. on the 2nd Wednesday of March, and for the Fall Grants shall be due in the CCDA office by 4:30 P.M. on the 2nd Wednesday of August each year. The Board of Directors shall make awards from the funds as follows:

Spring Grants

Application Deadline
Director Scoring
Funding Announcements

4:30 P.M. on the 2nd Wednesday in March
April 15th
May 15th
3rd Wednesday in June

Fall Grants

Application Deadline
Director Scoring
Funding Announcements

4:30 P.M. on the 2nd Wednesday in August
September 15th
October 15th
3rd Wednesday in November

C. Formula   From the total amount available for distribution each year the Board of Directors shall determine the amounts necessary to meet any annual and/or multi-year commitments in effect or agreed to by the CCDA. The remainder shall be allocated to the two funding pools Spring & Fall in amounts determined by the Board. Any funds not awarded or claimed in either pool shall revert to the General Fund, where they are subject to later re-allocation or re-direction as the Board determines proper.

D. Semi-Annual Grant Pools   ​Funds allocated to the Semi-Annual Grant Pools (Spring & Fall) may be awarded, subject to a matching funds requirement, to qualified organizations up to $100,000. Any organizations, which are awarded funds from the Semi-Annual Grant Pools shall be required to obtain, from sources other than CCDA, funds for the organization’s specific project equal to 25% of the total project cost. In determining whether an organization meets this matching funds requirement, in-kind contributions of labor or land toward the specific grant shall not qualify toward the 25%. In-kind material contributions will qualify.

E. Residual Amounts   Any funds that are awarded as grants from the Spring or Fall Grant Pools, and which are not distributed on or before the monthly Association meeting one year from the funding announcement dates, shall revert to the general fund for reallocation.

F. Governmental Support   Projects requiring commitment from a governmental body must receive that commitment prior to applying for funding from the CCDA. Written documentation of the governing body commitment must be included with the application.

G. Limitations on Number of Applications and Grants Awarded

1. Qualified organizations may submit up to 2 (two) applications for each semi-annual grant pool. This limit includes applications the qualified organization submits on its own behalf as well as grant applications submitted on behalf of other qualified organizations.

2. The maximum number of grants that can be open (funds remaining to be reimbursed) shall be two open grants at any one time.

3. The CCDA Board of Directors will in all cases refer to and cross-reference the Employer Identification Number (EIN) of the IRS recognized tax exempt organization in determining eligibility of an organization.

4. An organization covered by an IRS-issued Group Exemption Number. Grants for either Semi-Annual Grant Pools made by an applicant organization on behalf of another IRS recognized not-for profit organization shall be required to affirm that the applicant is not withholding any portion of a grant award for administrative fees, marketing, or any other purpose not clearly itemized in the financial information of the application. The application shall clearly separate and state the amounts and sources of additional funding for the project that is available from both organizations in answer to that question on the application. In addition, the applicant shall provide the following:

a. Name, address, and EIN of the final recipient not-for-profit organization.

b. A letter, signed on behalf of the governing body of the final recipient not-for-profit organization, affirming the intended use of CCDA grant funds will be in accordance with the organizations tax exempt purpose, and for the stated project(s) in Clinton County, Iowa.

5. The final recipient not-for-profit organization under paragraph 4 above is also subject to review regarding the number of open grants as set forth in paragraph 2 above. Any grant awarded under those circumstances shall count as an open grant for both the named applicant organization and the final recipient organization.

6. The Board of Directors reserves the right to waive on an individual case basis the restrictions herein regarding the number of open grants at any one time due to unique circumstances when considering a special or emergency request.

H. Awards Covering Marketing Costs   No organization will receive funding for marketing costs (i.e. advertising, promotion) more than once in a three-year period.

I. Qualified Organizations   Qualified organizations are those organizations which meet the definition of an “eligible organization” (as defined in Policy #621) and which submit a grant application that is not an “ineligible application” (also defined in Policy #621).

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Date of adoption: 12/20/17


Eligible Organizations

To be eligible for a grant from the Clinton County Development Association, an organization must meet all of the following tests in paragraphs A through E below as of the date specified by the Clinton County Development Association as the deadline for submission of grant applications:

A.  The organization must be eligible to receive tax exempt contributions under one of the following code sections:

• Internal Revenue Code Section 170(c)(1)(governmental units);

• An IRS recognized tax exempt organization in good standing (not revoked for failure to file annual tax returns)
and as defined in one of the following IRS Code Sections:

501(c)(3) Charitable, religious, or educational organizations;
501(c)(4) Civic League or Social Welfare organizations;
501(c)(6) Business League;
501(c)(10) Domestic Fraternal Society;
501(c)(19) Veterans Post or organization

If the organization is not a Section 501(c)3, its project must be for a purpose such as educational, civic, public, charitable, patriotic, or religious uses, and the funds for the project must be accounted separately from the organizations other funds. Information and proof necessary to satisfy the Board of Directors that any funds to be granted will be, or has been, used for a purpose as defined herein may be required.

The Internal Revenue Service recognizes and accepts the following sources to verify an organizations tax exempt status. Organizations can verify their Section 501(c)3 eligibility and good standing here -

B.  The organization and project must be physically located within Clinton County, Iowa.

C.  The organization must not illegally discriminate on the basis of age, gender, or race.

D.  The organization must be in compliance with the terms and purposes of any prior grant from the Clinton County Development Association. If the organization has violated the terms of any prior grant, the organization will be considered ineligible until such time as the violation has been cured.

E.  When applying under a group examination letter, applicants must provide the IRS-issued EIN for the applicant organization whenever such a number varies from the number listed on the IRS Chapter 501(c) group exemption letter. Organizations applying for grant funds under an IRS-recognized group exemption (umbrella) must also include a letter from the umbrella organization acknowledging that its non-profit status is being used by a local group for a CCDA grant.


Ineligible Organizations

To be eligible for a grant from the Clinton County Development Association, an organization must submit an application that is not described by any of the following:

A. Applications which benefit specific individuals, including education scholarships.
B. Applications which benefit the individual members of an eligible organization.
C. Applications which request funds to cover operational costs.
D. Applications which request funds to make up for deficit spending.
E. Applications which request funds to salvage any program or organization.
F. Applications which request funds to retire an organization's debt.
G. Applications which request funds to support any private for-profit enterprise.
H. Applications which request funds to be used directly or indirectly in political campaigns to
support or oppose any candidate.
I. Applications which request multiple-year grants.
J. Applications receiving funding in one respective “Fund” will not be accepted as duplicate
applications in another respective “Fund.”