Community Impact

You would have to look long and hard to find an area that the association has not touched...

From school children, to our community's elderly, and all those in between, the CCDA has been dedicated to providing support for projects that enhance the quality of life for our residents.


Human Services

The CCDA has been dedicated to the task of providing support for projects and initiatives that promote healthier and safer lifestyles for all residents of Clinton County. Emergency response agencies in our communities have been able to upgrade and purchase life-saving equipment and transport... Learn More »

Area Youth

Our future begins with today‚Äôs youth. CCDA funds play a major role in providing enhanced and increased opportunities for our young citizens to grow, learn, and discover their potential. These funds have made it possible for children to be taught how to play ball on newly created fields, to operate trains...Learn More »


Now more than ever, people are looking for ways to maximize the benefits of their free time, and the CCDA recognizes the importance of recreational options and venues in achieving this goal. Whether it is engaging in physical fitness activities, exploring the natural wonders of the outdoors, or viewing...Learn More »

Community & Environment

The numerous non-profit entities that exist within Clinton County are evidence of our strong spirit of volunteerism. Community groups have organized and banded together to develop, facilitate, and implement innovative initiatives that achieve community development goals and contribute to...Learn More »